Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my insurance company give me a rebate for fitting Oggy Knobbs or Axle Oggys?

At this stage we are not aware of any rebates being offered by any insurance companies, however, it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Q. Can I fit my Oggy Knobb or Axle Oggys kit myself, or does it have to be fitted by my mechanic?

Many of the simpler kits can be fitted with minimal tools and mechanical experience. No cut kits can also be fitted by the home mechanic, however they are more complex and require more time and mechanical skill. Some customers have their no cut kit fitted by their dealer when the bike is in for a service as the fairing panels are usually removed anyway by the mechanic to perform the service. Refer to the fitting instructions for details on fitting.

Q. How difficult is it for me to cut my fairings for a cut type kit?

This can be quite a difficult process to do accurately and effectively. The easiest way of cutting a hole in the fairing is to use a hole saw of the appropriate diameter drilling from the outside of the fairing panel at the centre point of where the Oggy Knobb will be located in the fairing panel. We suggest that if you have never attempted this before, to either seek the assistance of somebody who has, or ask if your dealer will do it for you. Refer to the fitting instructions for more information on how to cut holes in fairing panels.

Q. How much damage will Oggy Knobbs or Axle Oggys prevent?

Unfortunately there is no conclusive answer to this question. Each accident is different as is each kit and how it performs in the event of an accident, however, we have seen the results of accidents where the damage bill has been considerably less than if no crash protection had been fitted.