Frame Sliders

Oggy Knobbs are designed to reduce damage to your motorcycle from impact and abrasion by the road surface in an accident. We have used only the highest quality materials to achieve the strength and appearance your investment deserves.

Fitting Oggy Knobbs can significantly reduce the size of your repair bill after an accident.

Axle Oggys

Swingarm, brake calipers and fork legs cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace if they get damaged in an accident. Axle Oggys, which is mounted through the axle for strength, keeps these expensive components off the road in the event of an accident.

What makes our Axle Oggys the best?
• Save time at the racetrack or workshop with our unique fixture system     • One Tool Tighten    • Simple to fit and remove

Custom designed for your bike
Swingarm, exhaust & bodywork profiles all vary in relation to each other. Buying one of our model specific designs gives you the best function & appearance. All the steel components are electroplated and machined to fit your bike, so unlike some other manufacturers universal products, you don't have to hacksaw through a piece of all-thread to make Axle Oggys fit.